Les Misérables was perfect oh my heart Hugh Jackman why do you vex me oh gawd Russell Crowe was alright but he delivered a sustained performance and Anne Hathaway and Samatha Barks oh bless their faces the actor that played Marius was really cute and did the role justice but Colm Wilkinson Killian Donnelly and Hadley Fraser were brilliant for their little roles so I enjoyed that movie very muchly yes

Hi my musical friends :) 
In musical news, I have seen a local production of Les Mis, saw Legally Blonde and met the cast and I’m going to see Les Mis in gold class with my friends and yeah :3  

hello chums (: idk i’m thinking about just deleting this blog but it’s funny for me to come back and reflect on my old fandoms lol as for those who still want to keep updated with me, i have a band blog here so yeah :) i still love all 506 of you guys, it’s just that i’m neglecting you as i prioritize my new blog<3

Difference between science nerds and music nerds

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lol hey do you guys remember me?